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Posted by Doug Cooke on May 24th, 2018 9:18 AM

Ok, you have some extra money and want to do some remodeling to your home.  One of the first questions you want to ask yourself is,  what will this improvement add to my enjoyment or to the value of my home.  The second thing you should do is call your local realtor or appraiser.  As both a broker and appraiser for over 30 years I usually see the end result and have to be the bearer of bad news.  Recently, I witnessed a home where the owners added almost 100% of the home's value to the improvements. The worst news was that over 50% of the alterations did not add any value.  It was heart breaking for me to give them the bad news. Protect yourself and just give your local appraiser or realtor a call and ask him if he thinks the improvements/alterations will add to the value of the home.
This could be one of the best calls you will ever make.

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Posted by Doug Cooke on October 16th, 2013 11:04 AM
This may seem like a bold statement.       Consider this!  In 1983 when the market was this slow the rate was 19% and homes were selling via land contracts.  Today the rates are  3.9 to 5 percent.  If you are staying in Michigan and selling in the same area things couldn't be better.  If you have a $150,000 home to sell and take a 15% loss and sell for $127,500, you can expect to make up your gain on the $250,000 house you will buy.  A $250,000 house with the same 15% loss should reduce that home to around $212,000 or a $15,000 gain.  The great news is you get a good deal with super low payments
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Posted by Doug Cooke on January 24th, 2011 7:13 PM

Choosing the right agent can save you a lot of headaches and may save you a lot of money.  It seems like everyone's neighbor is getting a license.  So, how do you insure that your agent is the right agent.  First, interview the agent and find out his education, background, experience and credentials.  Are they fresh out of high school or college.  Has this agent gone on to higher education in real estate.  Do they have a G.R.I.,  C.R.S., A.B.R., C.R.B. ETC.  Do they work part time and is real estate part time.  Find out how many homes they have sold in the past _____years!  What is the price range they specialize in?  Make sure that the agent you choose is educated in your market and price range.  Then ask them how they will market your home.  Each home has a different "target market".   Will they concentrate on that market of buyers?  Will they set up their web site to draw in those buyers with key words?

There are so many agents out there. What you don't know about selling and what they don't know about selling, can cost you greatly.  Don't market your home with an agent because they will start at a higher price.  A home on todays market that is overpriced can cost you extra in taxes, utilities, monthly payments, maintenance and other costs.  Most importantly you must make plans to adjust the price if the home is not drawing any traffic to your site, the mls site or other means.  I have seen too many sellers try and hold out for higher prices. In this market with homes declining in value - waiting to make proper price adjustments can cost you thousands of dollars. Do not wait long to make price adjustments - it will cost you. 

Take the wise road to success. Interview and ask a lot of questions.  Have  the agent explain what marketing tools work and what tools do not work.  Best wishes in marketing your home.   Doug Cooke - 30 yrs in Business - marketing degree.  CELL # 291-5756

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Posted by Doug Cooke on January 24th, 2011 4:17 PM